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Who We Are

Preferred Provider of Learning Solutions

The Financial Landscape is changing at blistering speed. As a result, banking professionals responsible for People Development within Financial Institutions, face the challenge of ensuring that their personnel are sufficiently skilled to ensure optimal business performance with an appropriate risk-return profile at all times. It often seems almost impossible to ensure that banking personnel are kept up to date with regulatory reforms, economic and business cycles, changes in customer behaviour and so much more.

As a preferred provider of learning solutions within the Financial Services Sector we are well aware of these challenges and aim at offering customised solutions to suit the needs and requirements of each and every client. We accomplish this through the use of our powerful banking simulations to ensure the accelerated transfer of financial know-how.

Provider since 1999

SimArch was founded in 1999 by CEO Ziegfried Vermaak. The initial focus of SimArch was the use of customised simulations as a part of training programmes within a bank. Since 2002 we have developed core competencies in the area of Asset & Liability Management and have assisted banks with the implementation of best practice processes. Since 2007 we have been running online bank management competitions as an alternative form of learning among banks internationally.

Around the Globe

To date SimArch has delivered workshops, training programmes and consulting projects in more than forty countries. This exposure has provided us with the opportunity to ensure that our product and services offering is current, applicable and interactive.


We are constantly expanding our group of select partners around the globe. Our partners are leading organisations providing exceptional learning solutions to their clients in the Financial Services Sector. Our simulation programs are used on their own or as part of a learning solution and provide our partners with additional avenues to be of service to their clients. A number of our partners comprise of bank training institutes.