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What We Do

We offer a wide range of products and services to our clients across different levels in the organisation. Our products and services include consulting, workshops, online simulations, online business games and online competitions. By utilizing the latest technology we continue to anticipate, innovate and develop to provide quality learning solutions within the Financial Services Sector.

Major Product & Services Offering

Bank Training Programmes
  1. Asset & Liability Management
  2. Bank Financial Risk Management
  3. Management of Financial Institutions (Intermediate)
  4. Fundamentals of Bank Management (Introductory)
Executive & Senior Management Programmes
  1. Executive Bank Management Workshop (CEOs only)
  2. Advanced Bank Management Workshop
  3. Leadership Development Programmes (Senior & Middle Management)
Consulting & Technical Assistance
  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Asset & Liability Management
  3. Enterprise Risk Management
Other Activities
  1. Online Bank Management Contest
  2. Webinars
  3. Applications