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The Riskflow Group


The Riskflow Group had its inception in 1988 when Riskflow Technologies was founded. In essence, the Group grew around the software applications which they own and develop.

The central theme evident in all their products is the idea of effective Cash Flow Management. The Asset and Liability Management System, ALMAN, projects the management of cash flow surpluses and shortfalls, and is aimed largely at financial institutions dealing with interest-bearing products. TASMAN is their Treasury System, which deals with the operational execution of actions regarding the management of cash flow, and their Cashflow Optimizer Tool Set puts successful Cash Flow planning in everyone’s reach. This includes the general business community as well as individuals who are eager to acquire financial intelligence.

The fact that these products are forward-looking enables the user to manage and to see the impact of financial decisions attached to proposed actions. In this way, Riskflow helps manage tomorrow’s risks today!

The Riskflow Group today consists of three companies:

Riskflow Technologies is responsible for the development and implementation of the various software products in the group.

Riskflow Enterprise Development (also known as RED) is responsible for taking the Cashflow Optimizer Tool Set to the market.

Riskflow Institute brings about a shared understanding of the Riskflow tools, and how to use them to optimal benefit.

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