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Overview of the Annual Online Bank Management Contest (OBMC)

An Annual International Contest for Banking Professionals

The Online Bank Management Contest (OBMC) is open to young banking professionals from commercial banks, financial institutions and consulting companies operating in Africa. To find out more about the profile of who can participate in the contest as well as how to assign members to a team, click here.

Setup of the Online Bank Management Contest

The OBMC is conducted via webinar and an online simulation called FirstB@nk is used. During the online competition participants are exposed to banking activities & products, challenging economic conditions, central bank intervention and stiff competition. They are challenged as a team to manage a full-service bank for four financial quarters (1 year) via the Bank Management Simulation Program called, FirstB@nk. Teams decide on their strategy for the bank and make decisions with regard to bank management, portfolio mix, funding sources, marketing, branch network, etc.

During each financial quarter teams are required to make optimal decisions for their bank taking the economic situation, competition and central bank releases into account. After each financial quarter feedback is provided via WEBINAR. The program is highly interactive and a support team is available throughout the duration of the competition to assist teams where necessary.

The OBMC has a customised economic & banking environment offering a realistic view of the banking environment in Africa. All competing banks start with the same portfolio of Assets and Liabilities and with the same share price. Prior to the start of the competition teams will be briefed by the main facilitator of the competition via a webinar (virtual classroom). The facilitator will be supported by a team that will answer queries and assist where necessary in order for all decisions to be processed correctly.

At the end of the competition SimArch and its team of experts will assess the performance of all teams.


The following criteria will be used during the assessment in order to decide who the top team is:

  1. Share Price appreciation 50%
  2. Financial Risk Management 30%
  3. Strategy & Mission Implementation 10%
  4. Financial Objectives achieved 10%