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The Key Learning Objectives

At the end of having managed a "full-service virtual bank" for an entire financial year, participants are left with the following:

  1. A profound understanding of the business of banking
  2. Enhanced skills in risk management
  3. Insight into the application of strategic objectives within a bank
  4. An overview of the different activities that are typically performed in a full-service bank
  5. The understanding of how the different areas of the business interact to enhance overall business and financial performance
  6. The knowledge of how to deal with competition in the market place
  7. The familiarity of the different types of financial statements that reflect:
    1. Profitability
    2. Key performance measures used in banking
    3. Asset/Liability structure
    4. Financial position of the bank
  8. The advantage of having exchanged experiences, ideas and networking among banking personnel internationally

For banking professionals
  1. To expose young bankers, in the beginning of their career, to the challenges of risk management strategies, corporate governance and business ethics
  2. To assist them in making responsible decisions in order to obtain Share Holder Value for the bank
  3. To enhance the skills of high potential personnel active in Junior Management functions in banks and financial institutions
  4. To motivate and challenge young bankers in the Financial Services Sector
  5. To assist them in career-orientation by exposing them to all areas of the bank
For the Financial Services Sector
  1. To be a tool for developing Top Talent
  2. To improve the adaption of personnel to the market and competitiveness of external environments
  3. To offer alternative ways and opportunities to learn more about banking and the financial services industry
  4. To create opportunities for the exchange of experience, ideas and networking among banking personnel internationally
  5. To enhance the overall performance of the bank
  6. To be a tool for team building