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Who Can Join

Young Bankers

The OBMC is conducted for banking professionals with up to five years working experience.

Participants are typically from the following functions within the bank:

  1. Risk Management
  2. Treasury Management
  3. Money Market and Capital Market Desks
  4. Finance
  5. Corporate Banking (Relationship Management)
  6. Commercial Banking
  7. Retail Banking
  8. Branch Management
  9. Financial Analysts
  10. Operations and Support
  11. Internal Audit
  12. Compliance
Young Bankers

In the past participants from financial institutions and consulting companies have also joined and successfully partook in the Online Bank Management Contest.

How to enrol your team

In order to join the Online Bank Management Contest participants need to be divided into teams of three to four persons. There is no maximum amount of teams per bank or financial institution that can join. In order to assist you with the composition of your teams please refer to the PDF document OPTIMAL TEAM COMPOSITION. Should you require our assistance with the setup of your teams, don’t hesitate to contact us at