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WSBI – The Global Voice of Savings and Retail Banking

WSBI Members


The World Savings Banks Institute (WSBI) represents 111 savings and retail banks in 90 countries towards governmental and non-governmental organizations on international and national level.

Our objectives

WSBI main objective is to promote the strengths of retail banking as a stabilizing factor in the financial world and as the main financial partner of private persons, SMEs and local authorities in the ‘real economy’.

A top priority for the organization is the increase of access to financial services as an essential prerequisite for sound and sustainable economic development and personal and financial empowerment of individuals. WSBI pursues this objective by establishing contacts with policy makers and by developing training and consultancy activities that foster access to finance in developing or developed regions.

Our members

WSBI members are typically savings and retail banks or associations. They are often organised in decentralised networks and offer their services throughout their region. WSBI member banks have reinvested responsibly in their region for many decades and are a distinct benchmark for corporate social responsibility activities throughout the world.

Training and Consultancy Services

WSBI offers Training and Consultancy Services with the purpose of transferring knowledge and experience to retail banks and banking sectors worldwide. Since the early 1990s, it has developed into a leading provider in a variety of fields. It has a proven track record in over 70 countries and work with industry leading consultants from over 50 countries.

Our expertise

WSBI’s core training and consultancy team offers a wide variety of programmes in several fields: bank and branch management, credit products and services, risk management, payments, marketing and sales. In addition, the breadth and depth of WSBI expertise affords us the flexibility to adjust customise and tailor them to clients’ needs.


  1. Savings and retail banks
  2. Central banks and regulators
  3. Banking sectors
  4. Multilateral institutions
World Savings Banks Institute

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