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ESBG – The European Voice of Savings and Retail Banking

ESBG Members


The European Savings Banks Group (ESBG) is a European banking association that represents the interests of its 28 members vis-à-vis the EU Institutions, with a specific focus on retail banking issues.

Our objectives

The objective of the ESBG is to be the European voice of savings and retail banking, by raising the profile and promoting savings and retail banks with EU Institutions and stakeholders (Interest Representation), by being a platform for joint initiatives and projects (Business Cooperation) and by providing capacity building and implementing technical assistance projects (Training and Consultancy Services).

Our members

ESBG members are competitive and efficient savings and retail banks or associations. They are often organised in decentralised networks and offer their services throughout their region. ESBG member banks have reinvested responsibly in their region for many decades and are a distinct benchmark for corporate social responsibility activities throughout the world.

Training and Consultancy Services

In the field of Training & Consultancy, ESBG provides training and technical assistance directly in partnership with multilateral agencies. A considerable number of small or very large projects have been successfully managed, such as the EU-China Financial Services Cooperation Projects or the EU project to disseminate information to small and medium sized enterprises on the impact of Basel II.

Our expertise

ESBG’s core training and consultancy team offers a wide variety of programmes in several fields: bank and branch management, credit products and services, risk management, payments, marketing and sales. In addition, the breadth and depth of ESBG expertise affords us the flexibility to adjust customise and tailor them to clients’ needs.


  1. Savings and retail banks
  2. Central banks and regulators
  3. Banking sectors
  4. Multilateral institutions

Deputy Director
Training and Consultancy
Phone: + 32 2 211 11 11